U Kiss Scenario : Proposal [3]


Hoon : __________ AH!

You quicken your pace the moment you saw him standing outside your office building. Hoon caught up to you, blocking you from your path.

You : What do you want?

Hoon : Are you still mad at me? 

You rolled your eyes and looked at your watch.

You : If you have nothing important to tell me, I’m in a hurry.

You tried to brush pass him but he blocked you with his body. You glared at him in frustration.

You : First, you didn’t want to admit our relationship and now you want to get me back? What for, Hoon.

You looked at him, waiting for him to give you an answer. You licked his lips and looked around.

You : Why? Afraid that YOUR fans would recognize you?

You sighed and pushed him off your path. Hoon ruffled his hair and took a deep breath.

Hoon : __________ ! WILL YOU MARRY ME?

You stopped in your tracks and turned back, a confused look on your face. Hoon took off his cap and mask, making him easily recognized by the public. Passer-bys started to slow down their tracks, pointing at him, whispering the same sentences.

"Oh my god, isn’t that Hoon from U Kiss?" ; "So it’s true after all, he has a girlfriend."

You looked around as people started to point at you, causing your face to turn red in embarrassment. 

You : Do you know what you just did?

Hoon : I know I was wrong. I hurt your feelings. But I’m serious this time.

You looked at him in disbelief. Hoon took out a small box and knelt down, showing off the sparkling ring that was inside the box.

Hoon : Will you marry me? 


Kevin : Now, before we end tonight’s show, I would like to announce something important to everyone.

Eli : Oh? Something important? Does it have to do with that special someone?

Eli teased Kevin. Kevin chuckled before continuing.

Kevin : Yes…I’ve thought about it a long while…

Eli : Yes, our Kevin have been thinking about it for a looooooong while now.

Kevin chuckled again.

Eli : Why are you so shy!

Eli laughed, teasing Kevin once more. There was a moment of noise before Kevin got back to his original topic.

Kevin : _________ ah. I hope you’re listening to this…you better be, I told you to listen to today’s broadcast yesterday.

A sweet melody started playing in the background.

Kevin : We’ve been together for a long time, haven’t we. I want to spend the next half of my life with you, and I know you’ve been thinking about this too. _________ ah. Will you marry me?

Eli : WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Well. Let’s see if she accepts his proposal and we’ll get back to you guys in tomorrow’s broadcast. Goodnight everyone!

A last song was played as both the DJs finished their broadcast. You jumped up from your bed, staring at the radio the moment Kevin said those words. You grinned and reached for your phone, dialing Kevin’s number.

Kevin : You heard the broadcast?

You : Yep.

You tried to hide the excitement in your tone as you twirled the phone cable. 

Kevin : So…..

You : I’m not going to answer anything right now. I didn’t really catch the question since it wasn’t face to face.

You teased. Kevin smiled as he spoke.

Kevin : I’ll be there in 10 minutes.

You giggled as the both of you hung up the phone. 


Dongho : I’m. Not. Going. To. Do. That. In. Front. Of. So. Many. People.

He spoke, clenching his teeth so that he would not make so much of a noise as his hyungs pushed him into the classroom. Dongho wasn’t that young, cute boy he used to be in 2012. He’s all grown up and matured looking, even though he still has that childish mindset. 

You stopped in your lecture as you looked at him in surprise.

You : What are you doing here? Can’t you see I’m having a class?

Dongho : Um. I. I’ll wait outside then.

He tried to bail his way out but his hyungs blocked the door and refused to let him out. Dongho looked at you helplessly. You laughed and walked towards the door.

You : What are all of you doing?

Hoon : Dongho has something to tell you and we’re not letting him out until he says it!

You looked at Dongho curiously, and so did your students.

Dongho scratched his head shyly, shoving the flowers into your hands.

You : What is this for?

AJ : Hurry up!

AJ hissed. Dongho looked at your students, they were getting interested with the whole drama going on in their class. It’s not everyday where your teacher is dating a celebrity and it’s once in a blue moon where the other half appears randomly in your classroom with the while band outside blocking the door.

You : What is it?

Dongho looked at you and pulled out a small box from his pockets. The students started to cheer.

Dongho : I. We. Will you marry me?

He barely spat those words out. You laughed, knocking his forehead with your knuckles.

You : Silly boy. 

You held out your hand, Dongho stared at you.

Kevin : Put the ring on, stupid!

Dongho laughed and clumsily slipped the ring on your finger. The whole class cheered as the other U Kiss members rushed into the classroom.

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