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"Let’s go." The younger one reached out her hand to the older one who was sitting on the ground.

"Where to?" The older one replied.

"A place far away without pain and tears." The younger one answered with a warm smile.

The older pondered for a moment.

"What about the rest?"

The younger one pursed her lips. The two looked at each other for a short while.

"Well…..There’s me. Isn’t that enough? "

The younger one spoke cutely, in the way that the older one liked.

"Okay!" The older one reached out her hand, holding tight of the younger’s hand as she stood up.

”..But.” The older one hesitated as she looked back. The younger one gave a little squeeze to the hand she’s holding tightly.

"Don’t worry about them. We’ll still be able to watch them from where we are."

They both turn to face each other, giving each other an assuring smile.

"Let’s go then." The older one spoke.

They held hands tightly, smiling as they made their way to another journey.

They may have left, but they’ll always be remembered dearly in the hearts of the people who have loved and cared for them.

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Do check them out! ^^

Anonymous said: you still taking requests? Could you do the When you're dating one member but another falls in love with you that you have done for some groups but this time for JYJ and CNBLUE?

Hello lovely!

For the JYJ scenario, I have already written one under TVXQ which you can find here and here. ^^ 

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