EXO Kai Scenario : Save Me, Kai! [2]

Part 1 can be found here!


Kai ran at full speed, looking through every dark alley he passed by. 

"Aish." He groaned in frustration, picking out his phone and dialed your number.


A scream was heard and Kai quickly ran towards the direction.

”..St…sta…stay away from me!”

You screamed at the man who was pushing you up against the brick wall. You closed your eyes, afraid of what he would do next. You were praying hard for Kai to appear and you were afraid there won’t be enough time.

The man snickered and rubbed his chin.

"Haven’t you heard it’s dangerous out at night?" 

The man leaned closer to you, stroking your face as you trembled in fear. 

”_________ !” 

You hear Kai calling out your name from a distance and you instantly felt relieved.

Finally I’m saved.” You thought.

The man turned towards the direction of the voice in shock. Kai was panting from running. As he tried to catch his breath, he picked up a thick wooden pole along the sidewalk and made his way closer.

"Yah, leave her alone."

Kai spoke sternly as he swung the pole around. Fearing for his life, the man backed away and ran away from the scene.

You plopped down on the ground, trying to recover from the shock you’ve receive.

”______ ah, are you okay?”

Kai got to your side, sitting you up with his arms wrapped around you protectively.


You shivered and looked up at him, giving him a slight nod. Kai frowned with a worried expression. Thinking you might be cold, he quickly took off his coat and wrapped you warmly.

"…Th…Thank you."

You managed to mumble. 

"Come, I’ll get you home."

You nooded and Kai helped you up.

"Stay at home during the nights from now on."

He turned to you and said sternly. You nodded once more. Kai had his arms around you, keeping you safe as he walked you all the way home.

Anonymous said: Wow that save me kai scenario is so gooood! Really want to know what happened next, is that supposed to be continued or not??;)

It’s supposed to be left like that….

But if you guys liked it and wants me to continue it, I’ll be happy to continue the scenario. ^^

B.A.P Himchan Scenario : Long Distance Is Hard.

You restlessly rolled on your bed, staring at your phone every 5 minutes waiting for a call. B.A.P is away in the US for their Continent Tour and you’re really missing Himchan a lot. You sighed and waited.

"RING!!!" Your phone finally rang and you answered almost immediately.

"You’re late today!"

Himchan chuckled into the phone.

"I’m sorry, rehearsal ended late today."

He cooed over the phone. Your heart skipped a beat and your anger disappeared almost instantly.

"So…….What did you do today?"

You asked, twirling your hair in the most girly way possible.

"Stuffs. Practice…rehearsal….we went sightseeing. I wished you were here with me to see all those places…." 

He whined. Even when you’re about 10000km apart, Himchan never fails to cheer you up with his aegyo and sweet talks. 

"I wish I could…" You whined back into the phone. Himchan started to make cute noises and the rest of the B.A.P members got annoyed.


Youngjae screamed from across the room, half joking and half serious.


This time, it was Daehyun who was screaming from across the room. Himchan laughed and shouted back.


"Oh right, it’s night time over there."

You spoke. 

"Mmhmm." Himchan silently agreed as he made his way out of the DaeJae room. He stood outside his own room and leaned against the wall.

"I should probably let you get some sleep."

"But I can’t sleep without you here." He whined cutely once more.

"I can’t teleport myself there now…" You whined back. Himchan laughed.

"Okay. Okay. I’ll call you again tonight. I mean, morning..?"

"Okay I get it." You laughed as you answered. Himchan sent a kiss through the phone and you sent one back too. Yongguk, who was near the door almost puke while listening to Himchan’s conversation.

The both of you reluctantly hung up and you pout once you hang up.

"AH. Long distance is hard~~" You whined and rolled on the bed in frustration.

Someone sent in a request where I write a scenario of my own bias and how I would want it. That’s a first and I’m really enjoying it though So I thought I wrote Himchan even though I have like 193939834937347329 other biases since B.A.P’s having their continent tour and everything. So. yea. :)

EXO Kai Scenario : Save Me, Kai!

"……..On the most recent news, there have been reports of a rapist hanging around the back alley of Gardens Avenue. There have been about 3 victims and police have tighten up their patrols in that area. Females have been advised to stay at home after sunset and refrain from going out after 11PM. And on to the next news……"

"Yah, where are you now? It’s almost 10PM!"

Your friend screamed into the phone. You held your phone away from your ear, closing your eyes and you waited for her to finish nagging.

"Don’t you know there’s a rapist on the loose?!"

You waited for awhile before finally speaking into the receiver.

"Are you done?"

"Aren’t you afraid?!" Your friend screamed into the phone.

You rolled your eyes and carefully spoke into the receiver.

"Relax. I’m not even near that area, I’ll be fine. I’ll be back in 30 minutes!"

With that being said, you quickly hung up and continued walking home. 

"…Just like my mom." You mumbled to yourself. You walked and turned into an alley. The alley is safe, you’ve been walking though that alley to get home everyday. It may be a little dim but it’s a shortcut to home! You walked and noticed a black figure following behind you. 


You held on to your bag and quicken your pace. The figure behind started to quicken his pace too.

"Shit, it can’t be…" You thought to yourself as you started to get scared. You pulled out your phone and dialed your friend’s number.

"……Please leave a message after the tone."

"DAMN IT. Why isn’t she picking up the phone now?" You got frustrated and started to call almost everyone on your contact list.


A warm voice answered the call.

"Jongin ah!"

You whispered hastily into the phone.

”_______? What’s wrong?”

Kai asked worriedly. 

"I know this is out of the blue but there’s a guy following me………"

"What?" Kai got up from his bed and picked out his coat.

"I’m scared what do I do..?"

You took a peek behind you and realized that the guy is still following you. 

"Okay, calm down and tell me where you are now."

Kai spoke calmly, reaching for his keys and made his way out.

"I…I’m at Peony Street…." 

"Okay, that’s near I should be there in about 5 minutes. If the guy decides to do anything funny, run and call the cops okay?" 


You whimpered and continued to quicken your pace, praying for Kai to hurry and come save you from this nightmare.

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