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Anonymous said: This isn't a request but fan mail, My heart skipped a beat when you published the Hyesung scenario ! He's my bias, and though I didn't request it, it was really good !~ Still loving your tumblr as always! ♡ a fan

Hello lovely! I really appreciate you sending this fan mail, it just made my day! ^^ Hehehe.

Thank you for loving the scenario and for following this blog! xoxo


2 things I want to say in this post today.

I’ve reorganized the Complete Page and I’ve tried my very best to add all the older scenarios in the list to make things easier for all of you who doesn’t want to go through the Artist Tag. (I failed at Super Junior’s because there are just too many to update. I’m sorry!)

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So I met another Scenario Blog who writes equally cute and awesome scenarios. Just like mine, she writes in an “Optional Bias” format, so that you all can imagine yourselves with your bias. But when sending a requests, refrain from sending requests like smuts or sensitive topics (rape etc)! 

So please go check her blog out and send some love to her askbox! ^^

If there are any more scenario blogs out there that needs some support or shoutout, feel free to leave a message in my askbox!

EXO Baekhyun, Luhan and Xiumin Scenario : Comforting A Heartbroken You.


" ♫ ♪ Hmmm..hmm.  ♫ ♪ " 

Xiumin hummed to a happy song as he made his way back to the dorm. While passing by the park near the dorm, he noticed a familiar figure sitting on a bench with her head buried between her knees.


Xiumin cocked his head to the side, recognizing you instantly from that hoodie you wear almost everyday, every second.

”________ ?”

You heard a voice and looked up, shocked to find EXO’s Xiumin standing in front of you.

"Oh? Why are you crying?"

Xiumin was shocked to see your face covered in tears. Embarrassed, you quickly turned away and wiped your face.

"I’m not crying."

You whimpered, Xiumin took a seat beside you, worried. 

"Did you get scolded?"

You kept quiet. Xiumin laid back against the bench and sighed.

"It’s like that. Everyone gets scolded during the trainee period. I got scolded alot too."

Xiumin said cautiously as he tried to cheer you up. You turned and look at him.

”..But…they said I wasn’t trying hard enough. I’ve been staying up late the past few nights….and…and…”

You started to sob. Xiumin’s heart started to ache. 


Xiumin moved closer to you, debating whether to put his arms around you or not. Xiumin has been eyeing you for awhile, ever since the day you got into SMent as a new trainee. He later found out from the other members that you’re a foreigner and that you don’t have many friends in the company.

Xiumin has always wanted to get close to you but has never got the chance to due to his busy schedule. 

"…You should probably get back to your dorm. It’s getting late."

You said as you sobbed, breaking off Xiumin’s thoughts. 

"Oh? Oh..um."

He mumbled, tapping his fingers on the bench.

”..I’ll stay with you a little longer…”

He flashed a shy smile at you. You looked at him and for some reason, you felt warmth in your heart for the first time since you arrived in Korea.


"Wa! I can’t wait to get home and take a good night’s sleep!" 

Tao exclaimed as the EXO members made their way back to the dorm after a day of schedules. Luhan nodded and smile, walking slowly behind the rest of them. As they passed the park near their dorm, Luhan noticed a crying soul sitting on the swing.

"Oh? Isn’t that ______ ?" 

Luhan asked loudly, the other members turned to look at the direction where Luhan was pointing.

"Oh? It is! Ah, that’s right." Chen responded.

"What?" Luhan asked.

"I heard she failed the monthly evaluation and she’s on the brink of being kicked out.." Chen answered.

The rest mouthed an “O” and shook their heads. They’ve been in that position and knew very well your feelings right now. especially the foreign members as you, also, is a foreigner. Luhan stood still in his spot.

"Yah, aren’t you coming?" Chen asked Luhan as they continued to walk on.

"Er. I’ll go up a bit later."

Chen nodded and the rest of the members went home. Luhan made his way to you and sat on the swing next to yours.


Luhan broke the silence with his warm voice. You looked up to see Luhan sitting next to you. You wiped your tears quickly.

"I’ve heard…"

Luhan cautiously brought up the topic. You started to tear again.

"Ah. I didn’t mean to make you cry……"

Luhan regretted almost immediately when he saw the tears collecting in your eyes. He has taken an interest in you for a few months now. He liked how you’re always so positive about tedious practice and how you’re friendly with every trainee in the building. So when he saw you crying in the park all by yourself at night, his heart broke.

"……I’m scared."

You finally said something. 


Luhan looked at you.

"What if they’re not going to give me another chance?"

You asked as you started to sob.

”..Then all my efforts will be fruitless…”

You covered your face with your hands.

"Ah. Don’t cry…"

Luhan felt helpless. He stood up and got to you, squatting in front of you as he timidly reached for your hand. You looked up in shock.

"Everything will be alright. Just don’t give up, stay positive as you have always been."

Luhan flashed an assuring smile as he gave a gentle squeeze on your hand.

"You think so?"

You whimpered. Luhan nodded and smiled once more.

"I’ve been there before, so trust me."

You flashed a shy smile and nodded.


"Yah hurry up, Suho hyung’s going to find us missing."

D.O rushed Baekhyun who was still picking out food at the convenient store.

"Okay okay."

Baekhyun hurried to the cashier and made his payment. D.O shook his head and quickly made his way out.

"if we get caught, I’m blaming everything on you."

D.O threaten Baekhyun. Baekhyun stuck out his tongue at D.O.

As they made their way back to the dorm, Baekhyun stopped in his tracks all of a sudden as they passed by the park near their dorm. 


D.O turned back when he realized Baekhyun wasn’t responding to anything he said.

"What are you doing?"

D.O shouted at Baekhyun. Baekhyun turned to D.O and gestured him to go off first.

"I’ll catch up later." He shouted back and walked towards the park, leaving clueless D.O alone.

In the park, you were sitting alone under the streetlight, sobbing with your head buried between your knees. All of a sudden, you heard footsteps coming your way and looked up.

"I knew it was you I saw!" Baekhyun exclaimed quite cheerfully, putting up a hand to say Hi.

You sniffed and wiped the tears off your face.

"Oh? You’re crying.." Baekhyun awkwardly put down his hand and sat next to you, wiping off the smile off his face. You turned away, embarrassed that you got caught crying to yourself in the middle of the night. 

"What’s wrong?"

Baekhyun asked genuinely as he handed a piece of tissue to you. You reached for the tissue and wiped your face.

"It’s nothing."

You sobbed. 

"Don’t lie to me." 

Baekhyun probed once more.

"….My boyfriend from back home broke up with me."

You finally spilled the beans. Baekhyun mouthed an “O” and turned away.

He was glad for that moment when he heard you’ve broken up with your boyfriend. Truthfully, Baekhyun has started to like you since the day he happened to come across you during practice and heard you playing the piano. He was mesmerized for that moment, realizing how pretty you were playing the piano and when you sang, he totally screamed with joy on the inside. However, he knew you had a boyfriend back home and didn’t want to come between the both of you. He decided to wait and his wait finally paid off.

"What a jerk. You’re better off without that guy!"

Baekhyun spoke without thinking. Realizing what he said might make you cry again, he timidly turned and took a peek.

"….But…how could he do this to me…"

Baekhyun kept quiet.

"….I don’t have anyone here that I can rant to."

You sob once more. Baekhyun frowned with sympathy. He scooted closer to you and poked you on the shoulder. You turned and look at him.

"I can lend you this if you want to cry."

He patted his shoulder, flashing a cute smile. You started to wail, leaning your head on his shoulders. Baekhyun patted you on the back, upset to see you cry this hard.

"if it was me, I will never make you cry…"

He silently thought to himself.

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